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KATDANS White Bunk Bed with Sofa Sleeper-Guatapé

Use this white bunk bed to maximize your room, with a twin bed on top and a foldable sleeper sofa on the bottom. The white metal bunk bed is framed in glossy white with a full-range protective guardrail, and it will be ideal for the child’s room, dorm room, or guest room.

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  • Size: Twin | Twin XL | Full | Queen | King | California King
  • Color: White | Blue | Grey | Black
  • Material: Iron Metal


  • Versatile design. Such a white bunk bed sofa sleeper is a type of bed with a metal frame with two levels: a twin or full-size bed on the top and a sofa that can convert into a bed on the bottom. It is a versatile, space-saving piece that accommodates different sleeping needs and preferences.
  • Built-in ladder, full-length guardrail for protection. This bunk bed has a built-in ladder for stable climbing, while a solid full-length guardrail on the top offers all-around protection.


  • This white bunk bed is constructed with a strong and heavy metal frame, with detailed finishing and powder-coating to gain a glossy white appearance and a scratch-resistance effect, making it safe to climb up and down.


  • Kids’ bedrooms. This white bunk bed with a full-length guardrail is an excellent option for kids’ bedrooms. It provides two sleeping areas, ideal for siblings or friends coming over to stay. The foldable sleeper sofa can also be used as a play area or a place for kids to relax.
  • Guest rooms. This metal twin-over futon bunk bed provides a comfortable place for guests to sleep, and the futon can be used as a sofa during the day.
  • Dorm rooms. A white metal bunk bed sofa sleeper is perfect for dorm rooms. It is space-efficient and provides two sleeping areas, ideal for roommates. The lower sofa can also be used to relax or study.
  • Small apartments. A metal twin-over-futon bunk bed is a great option for small apartments. It provides two sleeping areas in one, ideal for couples or people who live alone. The futon can also be used as a sofa or a bed, making it versatile and space-saving.

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