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KATDANS Coffee Tables

As a coffee table factory, KATDANS focuses on every detail of our coffee tables, table shapes, surfaces, frames, colors, and materials to produce eye-catching coffee types to offer you an extensive range of long-lasting coffee tables.


At KATDANS, we offer a wide selection of coffee tables with styles to fit any living space. Our collection of rustic coffee tables and traditional American coffee tables provide a unique and timeless look. 

We put a lot of effort into our coffee tables to ensure they are crafted with quality materials and designs to make them durable and stylish; our R&D team researched to add more practical function units to produce functional coffee tables.

Our talent teams offer various customization options to enrich our collections; you can trust us if you want a versatile coffee table for your market.


  • Effective Functionality

KATDANS designs multi-functional wholesale coffee tables to help our client to capture the rapid-changing market; we keep studying and adding new practical functions to our coffee tables.

  • Widely Popular

With our R&D team chasing the fashion, our manufacturing department quickly carried those ideas out; their efforts made our coffee tables widely popular among our clients.

  • Exceptional Reliability

Let quality speaks. KATDANS strives to pick premium materials to build a solid frame to ensure our coffee tables are reliable and can last long.

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