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Functional TV Stand Factory


As a TV stand factory, KATDANS picks quality raw materials from selected suppliers and studies the market demand to design versatile styles, aiming to provide functional, durable TV stands to create a funny entertainment center for your target market.


KATDANS provides kinds of TV stands customization services to suit different styles of home decor, from farmhouse TV stands to mid-century modern TV stands, from rustic styles to industrial classes, and from standard kinds to functional types.

To complete every entertainment center of your target client’s living room, you need a versatile collection with aesthetic looks and sturdy frames.

Regardless of your style, our TV stands custom services can provide you with stylish, strong, and functional TV stand options to satisfy your growing market demand.


  • Long-lasting Construction

Made from high-quality materials, our custom TV stand is attractive and durable and will hold your TV securely for years to come.

  • Multi-functionality

KATDANS TV stands perfectly combine form and function to enjoy your perfect entertainment without a mess. They are also easy to assemble and labor-saving items for your target clients.

  • Eye-catching designs

Catch your clients’ attention with superior designs; we implement our collection of functional and marketable TV stands for you.

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