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KATDANS Modern White TV Stand With Doors-Fresno

This exquisite modern white TV stand combines sleek aesthetics with functional design, offering an attractive addition to any showroom or retail space. The ample storage space behind the doors ensures easy organization and showcases the versatility of this piece. Elevate your inventory and captivate your customers with this modern and stylish TV stand.



  • Size: Custom
  • Color: White Washed
  • Material: Natural Wood


  •  The antique dark brown wood and metal TV stand, creating a eye-catching addition to any home decor need.
  • Ample and flexible storage space. This TV stand is designed with 3 drawers and 2 space to fit your storage needs and preferences.


  • This dark brown TV stand is crafted of high-grade natural wood to build the durable laminate and body.  
  • Quality steel and hardware to build a smooth barn door. While the barn door provides flexible hide and display options, we select quality steel and hardware to ensure the smooth operation of the barn door.


  • Charming complement in living room decor. In a family room or entertainment center, the white farmhouse TV stand with barn door is a standout piece that will tie the room together. Its rustic charm is the perfect complement to a cozy movie night or a family game night. The barn door is also a great way to add an interesting focal point to the room.
  • Unique bedroom decor addition. Its ample storage function could also use in bedroom decor. Besides, the barn door TV stand white finish color helps to brighten up the space and make the nook welcoming and cozy, and its barn door adds an extra touch of country charm.

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