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KATDANS is more than a conventional wholesale furniture manufacturer but more like a business partner, we strive to provide a more competitive service for those with less privileged backgrounds. We are young but passionate, experienced in this business, and flexible in communication.

Who We Are?

KATDANS is a China furniture manufacturer established in Zhongshan Guangdong in 2008, aiming to provide the OEM & ODM indoor furniture manufacturing service.

About the Founder

  • Over 20 years of rich experience in the development and technical aspects of furniture manufacturing.
  • Great passion for developing stylish indoor and outdoor furniture.

About KATDANS Team

  • Professional sales representatives with a minimum of 8 years of sales experience and good knowledge of North America, Australian, and Europe markets.
  • Skilled production workers with an average of 5 years experience in the furniture industry.
  • Experienced QCs that ever served in Walmart / Costco’s furniture suppliers.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to make KATDANS one of the best wholesale furniture manufacturers in the world, and we use 5 criteria to explain our definition of “best”.

That means creating more value for more customers, developing more popular products, offering more distinguished services, cutting more costs, and building more visibility than anyone else. Our commitment to customer service excellence, product competitiveness and continuous improvement has become our obsession, and we will continue to provide high quality, competitively priced, trend-following furniture products and services that hundreds of companies have experienced through KATDANS.

Take a Factory Tour

As a wholesale furniture manufacturer in China, KATDANS strictly follows furniture manufacturing standards; our QC team will confirm quality at every step of production to ensure that the products meet your requirements.

Meet Our Sales Team

Your exclusive account manager is ready to assist you in discussing business plans and projects that will help you succeed in your target market.

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Monica Nie

Key Account Manager

"Whether it's midnight or early morning, I will wait for you."

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Jane Jian

Key Account Manager

"The customers' affirmation is the greatest reward for me."

katdans team member vico

Vico Lee

Key Account Manager

"My mission is to solve problems for you, no matter how tough."

Let's Win the Market Together

Now that you have a basic understanding of KATDANS, you can learn more about our home furniture category or talk directly with our Account Manager!

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Need Quote or Support?

Feel free to contact our team, our sales team will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.