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KATDANS Gold Geometric Bookcase Tower-Hermoth

Katdans introduced this gold geometric bookcase to you. Its sleek gold finish frame, geometric shape, and versatile functionality will elevate your home decor to the next level.



  • Size: Custom
  • Color: Weathered Oak | Brass
  • Material: Brass Stainless Steel | MDF | Teck Wood Veneer


  • Versatile functionality. Despite its functional storage space, this bookcase tower can be used separately or in a set to better meet your home decor and storage demand.
  • Stylish design. This geometric bookcase features a design that will catch the eye and complement any room decor.
  • Gold Finish. Such a gold bookcase gives a touch of luxury and sophistication with its elegant gold finish, making it an excellent addition to any home.
  • Durable Construction. Made with sturdy metal and MDF, this bookcase tower is built to last and withstand everyday wear and tear.


  • Gold finish stainless steel. The gold finish is achieved through electroplating; with such a process, the metal used in the frame is resistant to corrosion and rust, ensuring the bookcase tower will last for years.
  • Eco-friendly MDF. The commonly used MDF is an eco-friendly alternative to solid wood. They are durable, and the weathered oak color adds aesthetic appeal to the design.


  • Entryway. The geometric bookcase can be used in the entryway to display decorative items like flower arrangements or family photos. It will become a focal point when friends drop in.
  • Children’s Room. The bookcase tower can be a functional addition to a children’s room. Kids will love its charming geometric pattern and gold finish look.
  • Offices. The bookcase tower can be a functional addition to the home office. Moreover, It will be proof of your modern fashion taste of style.
  • In fact, despite the above, such stylish gold bookcase can be everywhere, living room, bedroom, etc. It can be your priority when you want a bookcase that combines chic and functionality.

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