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KATDANS mcm side table with metal legs and wooden top-Sedona

With its antique blue look, this MCM side table will be a stunning addition to any home decor. It features sleek metal legs and a beautifully finished wooden top and offers both style and functionality.



  • Size: 22″D x 22″W x 24″H
  • Color: Antique Blue | Black
  • Material: MDF | Birch Veneer | Metal


  • Minimalist sleek base. This wood and metal side table is designed to “make complexity simple.” An antique blue wood top paid with a sleek profile of a black metal base will perfectly fit the look of today’s modern home decor.
  • Antique MCM style. This MCM side table, with an antique blue finished wood top, adds a touch of industrial flair to create an eye-catching point among traditional or industrial home decor.
  • Lightweight and easy-assembled.


  • Popular antique blue tabletop. The MCM side table top is made with carefully cut and sanded MDF to ensure a smooth and even surface, and the birch veneer is expertly applied to the top to create a natural wood grain finish. The table is then finished with a high-quality antique blue finish that adds charm and character.
  • Black powder-coated metal frame. Supported by a black powder-coated metal frame, this side table with metal legs provides stable support with its sleek look and adds contrasting beauty to the home.


  • Offices display. The side table can also serve as a stylish addition to your offices. Use it to keep your desk clutter-free by storing office supplies or a small printer.
  • Living Room Accent. The side table’s unique color and vintage style can add character to pair with your furniture in the living room. Use it to showcase your favorite decorative items, like a vase or picture frame.
  • Hallway table. The antique design makes it a perfect option for a hallway table. Use it to store your keys and mail or place some plants to welcome you back home.

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