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KATDANS rustic square coffee table with metal frame-Avalon

This rustic square coffee table would look great in any room. With its rustic antique blue or gray birch-finished veneer top above the black powder-coated metal base, this industrial square coffee table will be a stylish and crisp addition to your living space.



  • Size: 31 4/8″D x 31 4/8″W x 17 6/8″H
  • Color: Antique Blue | Antique Grey
  • Material: MDF | Birch Veneer | Metal


  • Antique rustic industrial style. If you prefer traditional, industrial, farmhouse, or mid-century home decor, this rustic square coffee table will be a great option with its antique tabletop and rustic frame.
  • Lightweight and easy-assembled. This coffee table with a metal frame has a simple design with clean lines, providing the primary display and storage function and making it lightweight, easy to move around, and easy to assemble.


  • Antique natural wood tabletop. The industrial square coffee table is made with engineered MDF with antique painted birch veneer surface to create a natural wood grain finish. 
  • Strong metal frame with black powder coat. A black powder-coated metal frame, a great supplement with the antique look table top, supports this rustic square coffee table.


  • Living rooms. The rustic square coffee table is perfect for placing in front of a sofa or armchair. Use it as a focal point in a minimalist or modern room to contrast the rustic wood and the sleek metal. 
  • Bedroom or home office. A coffee table with a metal frame can also be used in a bedroom; placing next to a loveseat or chaise sofa will help create a warm and inviting space for relaxing and entertaining.

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