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KATDANS 7 Piece Contemporary White Dining Table Set-Dahlonega

This 7-piece contemporary white dining table set is an excellent addition to any home. The crossed leg dining table with marble top is both stylish and functional, and 6 matched light brown upholstered dining chairs with the same black legs add charming warmth to your home, and provide a comfortable and inviting place to sit. 



  • Size 

Small Dining Table : 53 4/8” L x 31 4/8” W x 29 7/8”H

Middle Dining Table: 63” L x 31 4/8” W x 29 7/8”H

Big Dining Table: 70 7/8” L x 31 4/8” W x 29 7/8”H

Side Chair: 22” L x 24 6/8”W x 33 1/8” H  

  • Color 

Dining Table: Marble Top | Black Powder-coated Legs 

Side Chair: Black Powder-coated Legs | Brown or Grey Fabric

  • Material

Dining Table: Marble | Metal 

Side Chair: Fabric | Plywood | Metal


  • Multi-size option. The contemporary white dining table have three sizes for choice, you can choose the perfect size for your dining.
  • Stylish elegant design. The brown fabric upholstered dining chair with a contemporary white dining table of marble top, can fit any decor style easily, and add a contrasting appeal and inviting atmosphere to your dining area.


  • Black powder-coated cross legs: The black powder-coated cross legs are crafted with durable metal to provide stable support for the table and the seat, and also add a touch of modern style to the table.
  • Marble top: Faux marble is frequently used to make the tabletop, with is as quality as real marble. The marble top of this contemporary white dining table has natural white, gray, and black grain, adding a natural beauty to this specific piece.
  • Gray or brown fabric upholstery: The fabric upholstery of the dining chairs is designed to provide a comfortable and inviting seating experience.

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