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KATDANS High Gloss Stainless Steel Dining Table-Essex

If you are looking for an eye-catching furniture piece in your dining area to attract your guest’s interest, just take this high gloss stainless steel dining table set. Three o-shaped sculpture style high gloss metal rims hold a clear glass table top up, it’s the perfect piece for a modern home.



  • Size 

Dining Table : 48” L x 48” W x 29 4/8”H

Arm Side Chair: 18 4/8” L x 22 7/8”W x 38 2/8” H  

Side Chair: 19 2/8” L x 23 5/8”W x 33 4/8” H 

  • Color 

Dining Table: Clear tempered glass | High gloss stainless steel

Side Chair: High gloss stainless steel | PU (White / Grey / Red) or Fabric (Green / Grey / Pink)

  • Material

Dining Table: Tempered glass | Stainless Steel

Side Chair: PU or Fabric | Stainless Steel


  • Morandi color upholstery. For the side chairs in this stainless steel dining set, we provide different options on their materials and color, but all crafted in a soft Morandi color system, just to get the elegant design to create a cozy dining environment.
  • Durable structure. The stainless steel dining table and chairs are all built with stainless steel legs, which are durable and low-maintenance.


  • The chairs are enveloped with Morandi color upholstery, we picked quality PU and fabric which is soft and comfortable to ensure a comfy seating experience. Besides, the Morandi colors are muted and earthy, which creates a sophisticated and elegant look.
  • The stainless steel dining table with three O-shaped high gloss stainless steel bases is extremely strong, and with the matched tempered glass top, it creates a contemporary modern look.

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