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KATDANS White Contemporary Dining Table Set-Decorah

Add a touch of elegance and style to your dining room with this white contemporary dining table set. This stunning set features a sleek and sturdy cross-leg design, a spacious rectangular tile table top, and six comfortable upholstered chairs. Whether you are hosting a family dinner or a formal gathering, this set will impress your guests with its modern and chic look.



  • Size 

Dining Table : 76 6/8” L x 35” W x 29 4/8”H

Side Chair: 19 5/8” L x 24 3/8”W x 35” H  

  • Color 

Dining Table: Cream Marble Top | Brush Stainless Steel Base 

Side Chair: Brush Stainless Steel Base | Grey Fabric

  • Material

Dining Table: Faux Marble | MDF | Stainless Steel 

Side Chair: MDF | Stainless Steel | Fabric


  • Stylish brushed cross legs design. This set includes a cross legs dining table, which is supported with bright brushed stainless steel legs, adding a technologic charm to it.
  • Comfortable seating. This marble dining table with 6 chairs features brushed silver legs and an ergonomics seatback design and is upholstered in soft, comfortable fabric.
  • Expandable function. This expandable dining table is designed with a sliding system to expand and reveal.


  • White contemporary dining table: this cross legs dining table used high-quality MDF to build the table guide rail with careful treatment to provide smooth sliding operation.  
  • Grey fabric upholstered dining chairs: The chairs are upholstered in smooth fabric with an ergonomic backseat to provide a comfortable seating experience.

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