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KATDANS Wood Base Glass Top Dining Set with Leather Chairs-Avebury

If you want some furniture pieces that mix warmth and cool, and also have an elegant touch, you can try this glass top wood base dining set with leather chairs, which includes a glass top wood base dining table and upholstered dining chairs with multi-color options.



  • Size 

Dining Table : 78 6/8” L x 39 3/8” W x 29 7/8”H

Metal Side Chair: 16 4/8” L x 21 2/8”W x 39” H  

Stainless Steel Side Chair: 18 1/8” L x 22 4/8”W x 39 6/8” H  

  • Color 

Dining Table: White | Black 

Metal Side Chair: Red | Gray | Coffee

Stainless Steel Side Chair: White | Silver

  • Material

Dining Table: Glass | MDF

Metal Side Chair: Metal | PU leather

Stainless Steel Side Chair: Stainless steel | PU leather


  • Stylish “X” shaped base. This glass top wood base dining table features a stylish X-shaped base, its reflective black and white base will turn your dining room into an area of art.
  • Extreme elegant piece for the dining area. The glass-top wood base dining table and chairs are crafted in elegant styles, from the tempered glass top, X-shaped base, and high-back PU chairs, all the luxury details make this dining set with leather chairs an extremely modern set.


  • The side chairs in this dining set are enveloped with PU leather, which is durable and resistant to scratches, tear and wear, to ensure long-lasting use. At the same time, they are filled with thick-density foam to provide a soft yet supportive seat that allows you to enjoy a long dining hour.
  • The glass top wood base dining tablet has a wide, strong, and modern X-shaped wood frame, and the top is made of tempered glass, the airy base and transparent glass top help to make the dining area looks bigger.

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