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KATDANS Metal and Wood Dining Table Set-Salida

Check out our metal and wood dining table set, featuring a beautiful contemporary weathered oak wood table top and striking rose gold stainless steel legs with a unique rush design. The set offer two kinds of upholstered chairs to pair with: a chic grey armchair or a light blue velvet side chair, both with brush rose gold stainless steel legs. 

This metal dining table set 6 seaters will be the perfect choice for any modern home.



  • Size 

Dining Table : 63” L x 33 4/8” W x 29 4/8”H

Grey Arm Chair: 22 4/8” L x 20 7/8”W x 30 6/8” H  

Blue Side Chair: 19 2/8” W x 23 5/8” L x 33 4/8” H

  • Color 

Dining Table : Weathered Oak | Brush Rose Gold SS 

Grey Arm Chair: Grey Color Fabric | Brush Rose Gold SS 

Blue Side Chair: Light Blue Velvet Fabric | Brush Rose Gold SS

  • Material

Dining Table : MDF | Technical Veneer | Stainless Steel 

Grey Arm Chair: Fabric | Plywood | Foam | Stainless Steel   

Blue Side Chair: Fabric | Plywood | Foam | Stainless Steel


  • Contemporary Design Dining Table. We provided a metal wood dining table to match any modern dining space in this dining set. The table is designed with a weathered oak tabletop and mix-and-match wood stainless steel legs, which adds stylish and fun to the dining room. 
  • Sleek Design Grey Armchair. In this metal and wood dining table set, we provide a grey upholstered armchair with a modern and elegant design, clean lines, and a simple silhouette. The grey fabric upholstery has a subtle texture that adds depth and interest to the piece, and the brushed rose gold legs provide a touch of glamour and sophistication that elevates the overall style of the armchair.
  • Elegant Style Light Blue Velvet Side Chair. The paired velvet side chair has a modern and sleek style perfect for contemporary spaces. With a curved backrest and a comfortable seat, it will be perfect for your dining or living areas.


In this metal and wood dining table set, we choose the below material to provide a quality dining table and dining chair.

  • Brush rose gold stainless steel. The stainless steel we use to build the table frame and chair legs is brushed against scratch and moisture, while the rose gold finishing color provides an eye-catching atmosphere wherever they are placed.
  • Eco-friendly Engineered Wood. We use MDF to make the tabletop and legs, which weigh more and can hold the table steady. At the same time, we use plywood to build the chair frame, which can be gently bent to create a perfect curve to make the chair comfortable shape.

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