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Durable and Flexible Dining Set Manufacturer

KATDANS Dining Sets

KATDANS is a flexible dining furniture supplier that provides various easy-matching dining tables and chairs, either in sets or separately, helping you better fulfill your target market demand.


At KATDANS, we understand the importance of functional and versatile furniture for restaurant spaces. That’s why we design our dining furniture with functionality, practicality, and ease of matching in mind. 

Our range of dining furniture offers a variety of styles and designs, from mid-century modern dining sets to traditional dining table sets, from farmhouse dining room sets to rustic dining table sets, to suit any decor or space. 

Besides, our pieces are crafted with quality materials and have various features, such as adjustable chairs, extendable tables, and storage options. With our custom dining furniture, you can have the perfect piece to match your customer’s changing demands.


  • Attractive Designs
We follow the dining furniture trend and use the latest materials to provide you with a wide range of styles and sizes to attract your target clients.
  • Full-range Customization
We use flexible customs options to make sure our dining sets are what you need. From colors and finishes to fabrics and textures, you can choose from various options to start your sales.
  • Flexible Functionality
We create multi-functional dining tables and easy-match dining chairs to provide versatile dining table sets to match customer demands.
  • Highly Marketable
Our dining sets are designed upon complete research on the market trends by our experienced R&D team, and we create them to help your businesses grow.
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