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KATDANS Round Faux Marble Dining Table and Chairs-Burford

A perfect fit for those in need of some retro-chic yet contemporary, this round faux marble dining table with sleek base dining chairs will be a perfect choice. The dining chair features mid-century inspired walnut-finished seat back and sleek base, add a mid-century and farmhouse appearance to it.



  • Size 

Round Dining Table: 41 6/8” L x 41 6/8” W x 30”H

Side Chair: 21 2/8” L x 16 7/8”W x 39 6/8” H  

  • Color 

Round Dining Table: Base: Chrome Color | Gold Color 

                                  Marble Top: Black | White

Side Chair: Base: Chrome Color | Gold Color 

                   Fabric: Grey | Brown | Black | Green

  • Material

Round Dining Table: Real or Faux Marble | Metal 

Side Chair: Fabric | Metal | Plywood | Walnut Veneer


  • Sleek yet durable frame. The round metal dining table and chairs are supported with strong metal frames with sleek line, which are sleek yet durable, create a airy appearance to your 
  • Mid-century modern design. The matched dining chair is designed with a walnut-finished seatback with sleek metal frame and retro fabric upholstery, creates a classic mid-century charm to the piece.


  • Chrome metal base. Both the metal dining table and chairs are designed with a sleek look base, while crafted with durable powder-coated metal to provide stable support.
  • Marble top. This round faux marble dining table with a marble top is modern and elegant. We offer faux marble and real marble for choice, both are durable and with natural stone grain.
  • Retro fabric upholstery. The dining chairs are upholstered with retro fabric, which is stain-resistant and easy to clean. While the retro color adds a touch of style to the chair.

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