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Single Seater Sofa Chair-Vail

Introducing our single seater sofa chair, with durable linen-like polyester fabric cushion and sturdy plywood frame, to create a chic and comfortable feel to your home.



  • Size: 29.92” W x 31.50” D x 37.4” H
  • Color: Light Grey | Light Blue | Dark Grey
  • Material: Linen-like Polyester Fabric | Plywood | Foam 


  • Deep seat and high back style. This single sofa chair is designed with a deep seat and high back style to provide the best support to the seater’s back and neck for a comfortable seating experience.
  • Comfortable thick padded cushion. This single sofa chair is padded with thick flexible foam cushion, making it perfect for curling up, relaxing, reading, or watching TV.
  • Easy-matched color option. This sofa chair is designed with clean lines and has three simple and elegant colors for your choice; each color is easy to match with any home decor style to waive your worry about picking an unmatched one.


  • Easy-clean polyester upholstery. The single seater sofa chair is upholstered with linen-like polyester fabric, which is easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for those who want the look and feel of linen without the high maintenance.
  • Strong wood frame. The single chair is structured with a plywood frame, which is solid and sturdy, ensuring the sofa chair will last for years. It is also lightweight and easy to move around, giving you more flexibility in arranging your furniture.


  • Reading chair to enjoy a night’s reading. This single sofa chair can be a reading chair in the bedroom for you to curl up and enjoy reading a book before going to bed.
  • Excellent addition to any living room. A single seater sofa chair can be a great addition to any living room, providing a comfortable spot to relax or read. It can be used independently or as part of a larger seating arrangement.
  • Well-suited for office settings. This type of chair is also well-suited for an office setting, providing a comfortable and stylish seating option for clients or employees. It can be used in reception areas, waiting rooms, or as a desk chair.

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